womxn from arts to engineering

festival 2022
6.+7. October

virtual/hybrid event

admission is free

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– womxn from arts to engineering community

This year's two day virtual festival will be all about

innovations from arts to engineering for an equitable future!


Particular focussing on gender dimensions in higher education, research and innovations in disciplines ranging from arts to engineering, the festival features:

invited talks (all female agenda!)

panel discussion live from Futurium Berlin

vernissage of the virtual exhibition


submitted contributions: talks, exhibition, dark chamber

informal networking event

attendance is free

about wæ


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Stefanie Marker

TU Berlin

Head of Chair

Naturalistic Driving Observation for Energetic Optimisation and Accident Avoidance

Stefanie Marker is an expert in energy consumption prediction of battery electric vehicles. Her major research focuses on future mobility concerning long distance haulage via battery swapping.
Stefanie is co-founder of the womxn from arts to engineering community.

External Links:


Prof. Dr. Steffi Knorn

TU Berlin

Head of Chair


Steffi Knorn is an expert in control theory and its application to multiple domains. Her research focuses on networked control, energy allocation in harvesting sensor networks and modeling and control in medical engineering.

External Links:


Prof. Dr. Christina Völlmecke

TU Berlin

Head of Chair

Stability and Failure of

Functionally Optimized Structures

Christina Völlmecke is an expert in non-linear stability phenomena in structural mechanics. Her work focuses on sustainable (composite) materials, additive manufacturing and gender equality.

Christina is co-founder of the womxn from arts to engineering community.

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