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We are currently working on several ideas to empower womxn, open-up new opportunities, connect across all discplines and shed light on gender imbalance in editorial boards etc.

We will therefore soon launch new concepts, such as...

​Virtual guest research opportunities

Mobility in academia is an important way to connect to other research groups. However, once you have care duties it becomes challenging to travel to learn new methods and get further inspiration.

Virtual guest research stays will enable you to connect to other researchers without the need for travel. You will be able to connect to a certain group for a limited amount of time and receive a certificate for your CV.

Currently, a limited capacity of virtual guest visits is available at Christina Völlmecke's chair for people working in or interested in FDM 3d printing, structural mechanics and  biomaterials. Please contact Christina to check for availabilities.

Flag Gender Imbalance in Editorial Boards and conferences

We are working on a concept to act as a platform to flag gender imbalance in editorial boards and conference.

If you are interested in this idea and would like toget involved, please contact us at

Further ideas will follow soon! WATCH THIS SPACE!



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