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Dr. phil. Pat Treusch

Humanplus Fellow (MSC Co-Fund)

at the Trinity Long Room Hub

Trinity College Dublin

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Prof. Dr. Cristina Stoica Maniu

Laboratory of Signals and Systems


Université Paris-Saclay

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Dr. Bilkis Zabara

Gender Development

Research and Studies Center

Sana’a University Yemen

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Prof. Dr. Steffi Knorn

Chair of Control

TU Berlin

External Links: Mag.a Ute Liepold
& Stephanie Sihler

chair and founder VISIBLE - Frauen in Kunst, Kultur und Gesellschaft  & Assistent VISIBLE

External Links:

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Eppinger

University of Applied Sciences for Technology and Economics Berlin

Faculty 5 / School of

Design and Culture

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lydia Kaiser

Chair of

Digital Engineering 4.0

Technische Universität Berlin

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Janine Kerner


Data & AI Strategy


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Prof. Dr. Caterina Cocchi

Head of the Research Group

Electronic Structure Theory

Institute of Physics

University of Oldenburg

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Christoph May

researcher on masculinity



Detox Masculinity Institute

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Denise Frey

instrumental educator

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Melanie Bittner


Consultant on Gender, diversity and anti-discrimination culture

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Dr. Inga Nüthen

scientific advisor of the management

Center for Gender Studies and Feminist Futurology

Philipps University of Marburg

External Links:

Nora Bonatz

Academic Program Manager

TUBS GmbH, TU Berlin ScienceMarketing

External Links:

Sarah Czerney & Lena Eckert

founders of


Mutterschaft & Wissenschaft

External Links:

Areej Sallam,
Prof.Dr. Hamoud Al-Nehari & Sumaia Mustafa

Empowering Yemeni Women

in Mechatronics Workshop

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