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Fragments of an Equitable Future

Vernissage on the first festival day (6.10.22)

Do your artistic works expose fragments of an equitable future?  

Showcase them here!

Does your research work look awesome?

Display it in a creative context in line with the exhibition theme!

Do you actively work on fragments of an equitable tomorrow?

Present your contributions in our Virtual Exhibition!

This exhibition intends to bridge the gap between art and the sciences.


With it we want to illustrate the interdisciplinary holism of a shared aim:

an equitable future.

Submissions are closed

Submit your contributions in the form of

  • visualisations,

  • photographs,

  • 3D objects (.3mf or .obj+.mtl),

  • video material (mp4),

  • animations (mp4),

  • drawings, ...

The only requirement is that you will register to the event.

Registration will open in September.

Images, videos (mp4), audio files and 3D objects (3mf or obj+mtl) can be sent in but no scientific posters!

If you need help or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at

Submission closes 31. August 2022

Submit your creation here:

Select a file to upload. Video and image files can be uploaded directly. For everything else, e.g. 3D models, audio files etc. please send us an email to

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virtual exhibition

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